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Exact Online API Data Model

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AROutstandingItemsEx: Exact Online Account Receivables Outstanding Items Extended

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Catalog: ExactOnlineXML

Schema: XML

Label: Account Receivables Outstanding Items Extended


Additional where-clause columns supported:

- division

- refdate

- overdue

- reminders

The data in this table is partitioned per value of the Division column.

Retrieve: true

Insert: true

Update: true

Delete: false

Exact Online API URL: ARs

Topic: ARs

Base XPath: /eExact/ARs/AR

XPath: /OutstandingItems/OutstandingItem

Named Complex Type: ARs

Filters on API Server: division- refdate- overdue- reminders

Table Function Parameters

The following parameters can be used to control the behaviour of the table function AROutstandingItemsEx. A value must be provided at all times for required parameters, but optional parameters in general do not need to have a value and the execution will default to a pre-defined behaviour. Values can be specified by position and by name. In both cases, all parameters not specified will be treated using their default values.

Value specification by position is done by listing all values from the first to the last needed value. For example with `select * from table(value1, value2, value3)` on a table with four parameters will use the default value for the fourth parameter and the specified values for the first three.

Value specification by name is done by listing all values that require a value. For example with `select * from table(name1 => value1, name3 => value3)` on the same table will use the default values for the second and fourth parameters and the specified values for the first and third.


Data Type


Default Value





Company code.












Reference date




Number of reminders


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