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Exact Online API Data Model

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BalanceLines: Exact Online Balance Lines

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Catalog: ExactOnlineXML

Schema: XML

Label: Balance Lines


Additional where-clause columns supported:

- division

- year

- prevyears (2 )

- period_from

- period_to

- afterentry (1 )

The data in this table is partitioned per value of the Division column.

Retrieve: true

Insert: true

Update: true

Delete: false

Exact Online API URL: Balances

Topic: Balances

Base XPath: /eExact/Balances/Balance

XPath: /Years/Year

Named Complex Type: Balances

Filters on API Server: division- year- prevyears (2 )- period_from- period_to- afterentry (1 )

14-04-2021 14:43 Version 20.1.394-BETA+3155