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Exact Online API Data Model

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BalanceLinesPerPeriod: Exact Online Balance Lines per Period

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Catalog: ExactOnlineXML

Schema: XML

Label: Balance Lines per Period


The current balance (debit versus credit) per combination of Exact Online company (division), financial year, financial period and for every GL account on balance and Profit and Loss.Additional where-clause columns supported:

- division

- year

- prevyears (2 )

- period_from

- period_to

- afterentry (1 )

- showperiods (1 )

The data in this table is partitioned per value of the Division column.

Retrieve: true

Insert: true

Update: true

Delete: false

Exact Online API URL: Balances

Topic: Balances

Base XPath: /eExact/Balances/Balance

XPath: /Years/Year/Periods/Period

Named Complex Type: Balances

Filters on API Server: division- year- prevyears (2 )- period_from- period_to- afterentry (1 )- showperiods (1 )

14-04-2021 14:43 Version 20.1.394-BETA+3155