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Round Purchase Order Quantities

Changes the quantities of items on an Exact Online purchase order to the next multiple of the minimum order quantity at the supplier. For instance, when the supplier has a minimum quantity of 200 for an item, a quantity of 2.355 will be changed to 2.400.



The following parameters can be specified:

Exact Online company division code to be used.

Purchase order number.

Output format.


The output is a web page or an Excel workbook with a list of the purchase order lines changed.

Due to limitations on Exact Online, the original purchase order lines are removed and new ones are inserted. Only lines for which the quantity needed to be changed will be handled.

To refresh the purchase in Exact Online, do not use the save button after running the round process. Due to a bug in Exact Online, this will create the original lines again. Instead use the search bar to open the updated purchase order.


There are no defined limits.