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One of the disadvantages of storing TOTP-protected accounts on a device such as phone or PC is that someone may be able to access the device while you are away and have forgotten to lock down the device or the automatic lock down period has not passed yet. This is equivalent to finding a bundle of keys on the street, with a label attached to which house address the keys are for.

Invantive Authenticator offers an operation to anonymize the address information of the registered accounts. As with house keys, commonly used keys may have a specific shape enabling the user to recognize them without seeing them. Accounts made untraceable also have this property since of each them inherits a specific form and use of  colors.

Making accounts untraceable is an irreversible process, unless you have made a backup of Invantive Keychain right before the operaiton.

Perform the following steps to make an account untraceable:

From the main menu select the account.

The "Edit account" window opens.

Choose "Make Untraceable".

The account's descriptive information is replaced by anonymized but human-recognizable values:

Make TOTP-protected account untraceable.

Make TOTP-protected account untraceable.