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There are various settings in the connection string for the Invantive ADO.NET provider on top of the settings that differ per platform.

For the platform-specific settings please consult the platform-specific documentation on

The additional (optional) settings are:

provider: the name of the provider to be used. Defaulted by the Custom Connectors on Power BI. A list of provider names can be found using the query 'select * from systemproviders@datadictionary'. The name of a provider are also listed on the platform-specific documentation on the initial documentation page.

license-file: full path to an Invantive license file, such as h:\cfg\invantive.lic. When not specified, the license file path will be taken from the environment variable INVANTIVE_LICENSE_FILE_PATH and otherwise from a file named invantive.lic in the Invantive configuration folder.

database: full name of the Invantive SQL database to connect to in the format GROUP\NAME. The database must be configured beforehand using settings*.xml files.

onconnect: an Invantive SQL batch to be executed directly after the connection to the Invantive SQL database has been opened. The batch statement may include multiple SQL statements, separating individual statements using semi-colon as specified by the Invantive SQL grammar.

user id: the log on code to use.

password: the password to use.

The onconnect setting is often used to set up the data containers opened. For example, the following SQL statements first select three Exact Online companies and then enable the use of the HTTP disk cache:

use 123123, 234234, 3434; set use-http-disk-cache-read true; set use-http-disk-cache-write true