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Distributed SQL, Databases and Data Containers

It is easy to exchange and/or combine data across the supported platforms with data. To each platform (such as Salesforce or Exact Online Belgium) multiple connections can be active with the same or different platform-specific connection settings. Each open connection to a platform is named a 'data container'.

All opened connections together are named a 'database'.

When multiple data containers have been opened, each one has an alias to refer it by in Invantive UniversalSQL statements. For instance, a connection can be open for two different customer accounts on Exact Online Netherlands aliased as 'eolnl_comp1' and 'eolnl_comp55') and one for an Exact Online Belgium custom, aliased as 'eolbe_my_new_company'. The aliases can be freely chosen as long as they are valid identifiers and defined in the databases configuration file 'settings.xml'.