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The license key controls the availability of functionality, providers and limits of your Invantive products. A license key is associated with a license contract. A license contract has a unique code consisting of a 'L' plus a number. Each license contract can have multiple license keys.

License keys are automatically revoked when they have not been used for three months.

When a license contract concerns a subscription, the contract is automatically ended when it has not been used for three months.

Interactive and OS-Applications

For interactive and OS-applications, a file named 'invantive.lic' is searched within the user's home directory folder 'Invantive'. The license key for use of Invantive products is normally stored within the product's configuration files after loading it through the user interface of the product.

Web Applications

For web applications, a file named 'invantive.lic' is searched within the folder 'App_Data/Config'.

Additional Locations

Using the environment variable INVANTIVE_LICENSE_FILE_PATH, you can specify a deviating location for the default license file 'invantive.lic'.