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The file settings.xml defines for a user or program the list of defined databases. Databases are grouped in 'database groups' for visual display. Database groups have no further functionality. Each database consists of one or multiple data containers.

The file 'settings.xml' is most often found on Microsoft Windows in your '%USERPROFILE%\invantive' folder, such as 'c:\users\john.doe\invantive\settings.xml'. It is shared across all Invantive UniversalSQL product installations for the user.

There are many scenarios to share database specifications across a user community, such as WAN-scenarios with Invantive Web Service, large corporate scenarios using DNS-entries as well as file shares, included files as well as single user solutions. Please involve a consultant when you want to deploy across thousands of users or more.

For user communities of up to 10 users, we recommend that company-specific settings are grouped per role in a separate file named 'settings-ROLE.xml' and placed in the default folder. Invantive UniversalSQL will automatically merge these files in the main settings.xml file.