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In the parameters you can set parameters for the model. Parameters are usually used to make sure the template only processes a part of the available data, for example a specific person or building. You can also use parameter to set the same value on multiple locations in the document right away; for example the reference with subject, in a document property and in the footer of a document.


The meaning of the entry fields is:


The unique name of the parameter.


The description of the parameter.

Default Value

The default value of the parameter.

List Source

If a parameters is linked to a list, then you can select a value in the list using a buton. This field describes the company object that includes the list.

List Code Field

The name of the field in the list source with in it the unique code, for example a bank account number.

List Description Field

The name of the field in the list source with included a describing text associated with the unique code, for example the address of the bank account owner.

List Sorting Expression

The expression in SQL format with which the contents of the list source is sorted in the display.

Document Property[

The name of the Microsoft Word property in which the entered value of the parameters is stored.