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Initiate payroll run (verlonen)__Activity name :__ PostInitiatePayrollRunByPayrollAdministrationId This is a controller endpoint to perform an action.In the older Loket GUI this specific action is referred to as respectively 'Verlonen' / 'Verlonen periode zonder personeel' / 'Verlonen voorgaande jaren' . If this action is performed succesfully then the payroll run will be created with status 0 and will be cued for further processing. The further processing depends on the input parameters and the payroll configuration in the given situation. After the initiated run has been picked up and processed by the background process, then the status of the run will be changed accordingly.This action may be performed for all payroll periods that are *available for the payroll administration* AND that meet one of the following requirements;If typeOfInitiation = 'regular' (Verlonen);* The very last payroll period for which an approved payroll run (status = 9) is available. Within the given year of payrolling. (This would functionally be a so-called 'correction' run)* The very first payroll period in time that does not yet have an approved payroll run (i.e. last payroll period with approved run + 1). Within the given year of payrolling, if available* The provided year may be a maximum of 7 years in the past (based on current datetime)If typeOfInitiation = 'withoutEmploymentData' (Verlonen zonder personeel);* The very first payroll period in time that does not yet have an approved payroll run (i.e. last payroll period with approved run + 1). Within the active year of payrolling* Please note that if this type is selected then the following fields must ALL be set to null; sendEmailToEmployee, textPaySlip, textTariffPaySlip, textPayment, emailAdressPayrollRunStarted, emailFinishedPayrollRunIn general;* It is not possible to initiate a new payroll run if there is currently a payroll run with status 0 (to be processed) or 1 (awaiting approval) within the payroll administation.__Metadata :__ No metadata endpoint available for this controller endpoint.__Defaults :__ Defaults endpoint is available for this controller endpoint by adding /defaults. Also, an endpoint is available to retrieve initiation values for a specific period.

Catalog: LoketNlRest

Schema: InitiatePayrollRun

This is a read-only table function. The (REST) API may not support changing the data or the Invantive SQL driver for (REST) does not cover it. In the latter case, please use the table NativePlatformScalarRequests to upload data to the (REST) API.

Select (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/payrollruns/initiate

Insert (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/payrollruns/initiate

Update (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/payrollruns/initiate

Delete (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/payrollruns/initiate

Field Selection Method: NotRequired

Select (REST) API Operation: post /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/{payrollAdministrationId}/payrollruns/initiate

Table Function Parameters

The following parameters can be used to control the behaviour of the table function PostInitiatePayrollRunByPayrollAdministrationId. A value must be provided at all times for required parameters, but optional parameters in general do not need to have a value and the execution will default to a pre-defined behaviour. Values can be specified by position and by name. In both cases, all parameters not specified will be treated using their default values.

Value specification by position is done by listing all values from the first to the last needed value. For example with `select * from table(value1, value2, value3)` on a table with four parameters will use the default value for the fourth parameter and the specified values for the first three.

Value specification by name is done by listing all values that require a value. For example with `select * from table(name1 => value1, name3 => value3)` on the same table will use the default values for the second and fourth parameters and the specified values for the first and third.


Data Type


Default Value





Initiate Payroll Run Payload.




The unique identifier of an administration


Table Function Columns

The columns of the table function PostInitiatePayrollRunByPayrollAdministrationId are shown below. Each column has an SQL data type.


Data Type







The unique identifier (GUID/UUID) of the payroll run.




Outcome of operation as single plain text column.


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