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Change the status of payrollruns__Activity name :__ PatchPayrollrunsByPayrollRunIdsThis action may only be performed succesfully of the following requirements are met;* The payroll run is ready for approval (status 1)Update the status of one or more payrollruns

Catalog: LoketNlRest

Schema: ReviewPayrollRun

This is a read-only table function. The (REST) API may not support changing the data or the Invantive SQL driver for (REST) does not cover it. In the latter case, please use the table NativePlatformScalarRequests to upload data to the (REST) API.

Select (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns

Insert (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns

Update (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns

Delete (REST) API URL: /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns

Field Selection Method: NotRequired

Base Path: content

Select (REST) API Operation: patch /providers/employers/payrolladministrations/payrollruns

Table Function Columns

The columns of the table function PatchPayrollrunsByPayrollRunIds are shown below. Each column has an SQL data type.


Data Type







Default column added since the specification specifies that no data is returned.


13-05-2022 15:37 Version 22.1.40-BETA+3374