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Get user filter settings__Activity name:__ GetUserFilterSettingsByEmployerIdThe User Filter settings for the current user for the employer. These settings are used by the backend to automaticaly filter the list of employments.

Catalog: LoketNlRest

Schema: UserFilterSettings

This is a read-only table. The (REST) API may not support changing the data or the Invantive SQL driver for (REST) does not cover it. In the latter case, please use the table NativePlatformScalarRequests to upload data to the (REST) API.

Select (REST) API URL: /user/filtersettings/{employerId}

Insert (REST) API URL: /user/filtersettings/{employerId}

Update (REST) API URL: /user/filtersettings/{employerId}

Delete (REST) API URL: /user/filtersettings/{employerId}

Field Selection Method: NotRequired

Base Path: content

Select (REST) API Operation: get /user/filtersettings/{employerId}

Table Columns

The columns of the table UserFilterSettingsByEmployerId are shown below. Each column has an SQL data type.


Data Type







Filter on the employedStatus, based on the start and end date of the employment.




Filter on the on-call status of an employment. A null value will result in the on-call employment filter not being active and therefore returning employments regardless of their on-call employment status.


25-05-2022 14:15 Version 22.1.46-BETA+3385