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WMI Data Model

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WMI SQL Connector

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Windows Management Instrumentation.

Invantive SQL is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to exchange data with WMI. Invantive SQL is available on many user interfaces, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Power Query, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. For technical users there are command-line editions running on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux. High-volume replication of data taken from WMI into traditional databases such as SQL Server (on-premise and Azure), MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle is possible using Invantive Data Replicator. Finally, online web apps can be build for WMI using App Online of Invantive Cloud.


The SQL connector for WMI does not support partitioning. Define one data container in a database for each company in WMI to enable parallel access for data from multiple companies.

An introduction into the concepts of Invantive SQL such as databases, data containers and partitioning can be found in the Invantive SQL grammar.

The configuration can be changed using various attributes during log on and use. A full list of configuration options is listed in the connector attributes.

The catalog name is used to compose the full qualified name of an object like a table or view. The schema name is used to compose the full qualified name of an object like a table or view. On WMI the comparison of two texts is case sensitive by default.

Changes and bug fixes on the WMI SQL connector can be found in the release notes. Get access to the WMI community through the WMI section of the Invantive forums.

Code for use in settings.xml: Wmi

Alias: wmi

Recommended alias: wmi

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