This page gives you instructions on the configuration and use of Invantive Bridge Online during the duration of the beta program.

The BETA program has ended on October 1, 2019. This article remains only for archival purposes.

The BETA program is intended to deliver the product for production use. It is not guaranteed that Bridge Online will be released as a product, in what form and against what conditions.

Feel free to share information in public on the BETA product in the same way you would share information on released products. However, for effective improvement we highly value that you list your pros and cons also through tickets.

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Invantive Bridge Online enables one-click retrieval of information from Exact Online for entrepreneurs into Power BI and Excel (Power Query). The product bridges uses out-of-the-box protocols of Power BI an Power Query. For example:

Invantive Bridge runs on Invantive SQL, an enterprise-grade solution for high-volume and high-throughput access of cloud and on-premise APIs.

The initial release will be be limited to Exact Online (NL, BE, GB) with at most 1.500 companies and tables with less than 1.000.000 rows. Invantive Data Replicator will not be used during the beta program.


The BETA program is expected to run from May 20 till end of November 1, 2019. When deemed necessary, the BETA program can be cancelled without further notice or prolonged. Participation is voluntarily.

As compensation for the efforts, all participants receive 12 months of free use of Standard flavor when production phase is reached.

Expected Pricing

Invantive Bridge Online will be offered as a separate commercial product in two flavors with fair use policy:

  • Free: up to 5 companies, at most 20.000 rows retrieved daily, at most EUR 1M yearly revenues, entrepreneurs only.

  • Standard: EUR 15 per month: up to 5 companies, at most 100.000 rows retrieved daily, at most EUR 3M yearly revenues, entrepreneurs only.

Invantive Bridge Online is also included with:

  • Invantive Office for Entrepreneurs: Invantive Control for Excel, Invantive Composition for Word, Invantive Business for Outlook, Get My Report, Invantive Business for Windows, Invantive Bridge for Power BI, Invantive Query Tool, Invantive Producer Runtime, Invantive Data Loader (EUR 49 for 2 users and 100 partitions).

  • Invantive Office for Accountants: Invantive Control for Excel, Invantive Composition for Word, Invantive Business for Outlook, Get My Report, Invantive Business for Windows, Invantive Producer Runtime, Invantive Data Loader (EUR 49 for 50 partitions, no user limit, no direct SQL).

  • Invantive Data Hub (EUR 49 for 2 partitions, 1 server, no user limit).

  • Invantive Data Replicator (EUR 99 for 100 partitions, no user or server limit).

  • Invantive Premium Finance for Accountants: EUR 499 for 500 companies.

Out of Scope

The following items are explicitly out-of-scope:

Report Feedback

To report your findings, please log a BETA program ticket. Once logged, feel free to call directly to the BETA program manager.


In the current phase of the BETA program, a number steps are executed to configure the environment as listed below. To configure your own Exact Online environment:

  • You and an Invantive employee together create a database connection to Exact Online. This typically takes 10 minutes. Preparation: have a user and password for Exact Online present.

  • The Exact Online user will be associated with the app “Invantive Data Loader“ for the duration of the BETA.

  • Together you define a user name and password to be used with Invantive Bridge Online.

  • Together you define the IP-address to be used as an additional authentication measure. Your current Internet IP-address can be found on

  • An Invantive employee registers the database and provides an URL of the form The version number between ‘bridge’ and ‘odata4’ changes with every new BETA version.


Power BI

The use with Power BI has been integrated into the menu option 'Bridge Online Configuration' on databases registered on

Excel on Windows

Please execute the following steps for use with Power BI:

  • Install a recent version of Excel.

  • Start Excel.

  • Select OData:

  • Enter the URL you have received and press OK:

  • On the demo account, select ‘Projects’.

  • On Exact Online, there are almost 1.000 APIs available.

  • Select the table “AccountsBulk” which contains all customers:

  • Select the button ‘Load’.

  • Note that an alias may be present at the end of your table names, like ‘@eolnl’, when we have configured multiple Exact Online countries or subscriptions.

  • Note that an initial load can take minutes or longer on large Exact Online environments to retrieve from Exact Online and to download into Power BI. To illustrate, the retrieval of 50.000 customers can easily exceed 50 MB.

  • The data shows in Excel:

  • Excel automatically assign an Excel table name:

  • To analyse your data just create a pivot table:

  • Excel shows the default pivot table creation window:

  • Drag Country to Rows and Created to Values in the pivot table to get the number of accounts per country:


The current BETA release provides anonymization features to avoid that possible bugs in the software lead to an information leak. The anonymization looks like this:

Upon specific request you can have anonymization for names disabled or extended to anonymization for all texts. Raise a ticket for such a change.


The performance of the data retrieval depends on three factors:

  • Throughput of Exact Online APIs; this typically varies between 60 and 500 rows per second.

  • Throughput of Invantive Bridge Online; this typically varies between 1.000 and 50.000 rows per second.

  • Throughput of Power BI and Excel; this typically varies between 100 and 2.200 rows per second.

Please report it when you find performance measurements outside these boundaries.


Intended participants of the BETA program are:

  • entrepreneurs

  • small accounting companies

  • large accountancy companies

We are looking for:

We are still looking for a small accounting company to participate.


  • At least 2 and at most 6 employees besides the owners.

  • Exact Online NL or BE in active use since 2 years.

  • Somewhere between 25 and 200 companies in own subscription.

  • Targets SME.

  • Uses Microsoft Windows.

  • Period: May 20 - End of June.

  • Expected effort: 3 man hours, besides time spent on creating reports.

  • Compensation: twelve months of free use after production phase.