This article explains how to synchronize an Excel spreadsheet with Invantive Control model using VBA calls.


The following methods are available:

  • I_SYNC_UPLOAD: upload data to your database or service;

  • I_SYNC_DOWNLOAD: download data from your database or service;

  • I_SYNC_ALL: first I_SYNC_UPLOAD, if successful run I_SYNC_DOWNLOAD.

Execute the following steps to enable use of the I_SYNC_* methods:

  • Enable the Invantive model from the Modeler ribbon using the slider.

  • Set the model in edit mode using the Edit mode button in the same ribbon;

  • Open the Developer ribbon and click “Insert”.

  • Then select the first item Button (Form Control).

  • Draw a button.

  • The “Assign Macro” dialog opens automatically.

  • Click “New” there; the Visual Basic for Applications editor displays.

  • In the menu bar, choose “Tools”.

  • Then choose the menu item “References”.

  • Check InvantiveControlUDFs.

  • Click OK.

  • Now in your sub, place the call to Invantive, such as:

Sub Button2_Click()
End Sub