Exact Online was confronted with a major outage on Monday April 18, 2019. To improve availability of Exact Online, Exact Online has taken a number of mitigating actions. Registered app users may have received a message on April 19, 2019 such as:

Dear app developer,

This e-mail is to inform you that we have set the shaping limit of the API gateway to 300 API calls per minute.

Although we have documented that the current shaping limit is set to 60 API calls per minute, the shaping limit was currently sitting at 500.

This was done to gradually decrease the limit for all applications to minimize the impact on our support departments.

Due to recent events we had to decrease this limit sooner than expected.

If your application is impacted by this change, please read:

Kind Regards,

Exact Online API Team

However, the minute rate limits as implemented were different from the original specification. This will cause HTTP 429 errors when your usage of Exact Online with Invantive SQL exceeds the limitations.


Please perform the following steps when using Invantive SQL with Exact Online to avoid outages:

  1. Upgrade Invantive Control versions before 17.31.14 to 17.31.81 BETA or 17.32 production when it becomes available.
  2. Upgrade Invantive Query Tool versions before 17.31.14 to 17.31.81 BETA or 17.32 production when it becomes available.
  3. Upgrade Invantive Data Hub versions before 17.31.14 to 17.31.81 BETA or 17.32 production when it becomes available.
  4. For all others products, please contact support by creating a new ticket.

Before upgrading, please consult the release notes. The upgraded software is covered by your subscription. However, scripts and Excel and Word models are not covered. For assistance in upgrading them, please reserve consulting effort through our online planner.