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The Invantive products use cryptographic operations to protect:

License key

Invantive Keychain

By default, a key pair is used and stored in the profile of the user for encryption and decryption.


On Windows, the encryption is normally done using Windows-managed encryption protocols. The key elements are stored in the roaming profile of the current user.

In some deployment scenarios, a user has only a temporary Windows profile. In that case it is not possible to store a key pair. This is typically signaled by an itgenlic510 error code.

As an alternative, you can configure the environment variable INVANTIVE_CRYPTOGRAPHY to the value "MACHINE" to use a key pair that is stored solely on the device.

By setting the environment variable INVANTIVE_RSA to INVANTIVE, encryption on Windows is also managed as on other platforms by custom Invantive code at the expense of loss of some security features. Often Windows patches break the functionality of previously Windows-managed encryption keys, typically signaled by a error like "Key not valid for use in specified state". Switching to custom Invantive code will solve this problem.

Linux, Mac OSX, Android, iPhone, Windows on Parallels

On all other platforms, Invantive offers solely encryption using key elements stored in files in the RSA folder.