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Startup Checks

The Invantive products execute a number of checks at application start to ensure that the environment running the software meets a number of pre-conditions as established by Invantive. These checks can be disabled for analysis purposes and out-of-the-ordinary deployment scenarios.

Support on products is only available when checks are not manually configured.

All Platforms

The following settings are available on all platforms:

INVANTIVE_MIN_GB_FREE_SYSTEM: minimum amount of free disk space in GB on the system disk during startup. Defaults to 5 GB.

Microsoft Windows

Configuration of these checks is solely available on the Windows OS platform.

The following environment variables allow manual configuration of the checks by setting them to 'true' or 'false':

INVANTIVE_CHECK_SYSTEM_COMPATIBILITY: validate system compatibility.

INVANTIVE_MAINTAIN_VSTO: re-activate Invantive VSTO add-ins when disabled.

INVANTIVE_CHECK_OS_UPDATES: validate OS updates have been applied sufficiently recent.