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The form "Organizations" contains a list of organizations. There will be one entry for most users.


There is a form in list format:


The data is taken from Invantive's internal systems. When you find an error, please send an email to


There is also a details format:



The "Agreements" button navigates to a form with all agreements of the organization.

The "Users" button navigates to a form with all registered users of the organization.


The following fields are used:

Name: legal name of the organization.

Address Line 1/2: street of the legal address of the organization.

Postal code: postal code of the legal address.

City: city of the legal address.

Country: country of the legal address in ISO format.

CoC Number: chamber of commerce registration number.

VAT Number: value added tax number.

Work Phone: main phone number.

Email Address: main email address.

Invoice Email Address: possibly deviating email address to send invoices to.

Legal Form: legal form of the organization.

IBAN Number: bank account number.

BIC Code: BIC code associated with the IBAN number (some countries only).

Language Code: preferred communication language of the organization.

Temporarily Blocked: indicator whether services have been suspended temporarily, for instance due to overdue invoices.

Signatory: name of the person of the organization that entered into the agreement with Invantive.

License Coordinator: name of the person within the organization that manages the agreement.

Website URL: main website.