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Preauthenticate Application

Invantive SQL connects to over 50 platforms, from the cloud, file formats and  traditional SQL-databases. Many platforms use OAuth2 to authenticate the application and the user. OAuth2 offers several facilities for this, such as Implicit Grant and Code Grant.

When you run an Invantive product such as Invantive Data Replicator on hardware under control of your company, you can use the Code Grant Flow to preauthenticate an application.

"Preauthentication" creates application settings (including a refresh token) which enable access to cloud applications such as Exact Online using an application without further security credentials exchange. The process can be executed before the actual use of the application. Invantive Preauthentication has no relationship with Kerberos Preauthentication.

Preauthentication is currently supported on Exact Online (all countries).

Security warning

A two-step authentication to achieve strong authentication is only applied during preauthentication. Apply additional measures such as IP-based access control or hardware-bound encryption of the token when you require continuous strong authentication after preauthentication. Please consult your security officer when in doubt.