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Invantive Composition for Word

Many organizations experience problems with the optimization of the information flow. An often occurring problem is the composition of complex documents with data from a database or application. Because of the multitude of complex information and deviating rules per jurisdiction employees spend a lot of time in the composing of documents. This manual and repetitive activity causes more erroneously composed documents and brings with it unnecessary employee costs. For organizations that are dealing with different laws and regulations such as insurers, lawyers and health care institutions, the creation of complex documents is a costly and time consuming task. The automatic generation and creation of documents that meet the laws and regulations is a huge challenge for most.

Invantive Composition for Word offers a complete solution for automatically generating complex documents that meet the requirements of laws and regulations. Invantive Composition allows you to easily retrieve information from your database and process it in Microsoft Word. This way, Invantive Composition makes it easy for you to automatically populate previously created templates with data from your database. For you this means that you can merge data from your administration system such as budget consumption, contract pieces, licenses, prices and other structured data into a personal document. The advantage of this is that with Invantive Composition you can manage and dynamically create documents from the document management system. Which results in an optimized information and communication process.