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With <invantive:value-of/> you can request the value of an expression. This instruction can be added easily with Building Block.

Several examples of <invantive:value-of/>:

<invantive:value-of expression="$P{p_pgp_code}" />: delivers the value of the parameter p_pgp_code.

<invantive:value-of expression="$F{pjt.pjt_code}"/>: supplies the current value of the cell in the column pjt_code of the SQL statement with alias pjt. The use of $F{} is only useful it it happens within a <invantive:foreach>.

<invantive:value-of expression="Hello world!"/>: supplies the mentioned text.

The use of query label is optional; if it is not used then the last determined value is used. This is comparable with variable scoping in programming languages.

Layout Parameters

The layout of the expression can be influenced with the following parameter:

casing: use capitalization.

Use Casing

With "casing" you can change the capitalization of an expression. This can be used to display the same fields with capitals in parts of the document and in other places with lower case. Of course you can also do this by adjusting the SQL query.

The possible values of casing are:

"Normal": replace nothing to the letters. For instance <invantive:value-of expression="$E{database:user}" casing=”Normal”/> returns the database user name without changing characters.

"LowerCase": replace all characters by the corresponding lowercase character. For instance <invantive:value-of expression="$E{database:user}" casing=”UpperCase”/> returns the database user name in uppercase characters.

"UpperCase": replace all letters by the associated upper case. For instance <invantive:value-of expression="$E{database:user}" casing=”LowerCase”/> returns the database user name in lower case characters.

"InitCaps": replace the first letter of every word by an upper case letter and replace the rest with lower case letters. For instance <invantive:value-of expression="$E{database:user}" casing=” InitCaps”/> returns the database user name with all characters as lowercase; only the first character of every word is changed into uppercase.

Meaning in Header and Footer

For a header and/or footer it is possible to use expressions. It is only possible to use group values such as "$E{first:naam}" instead of the current value, such as "$E{naam}". The value will then be equal to the value the expression had at the beginning of the current section.