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The automation of your information flow with Invantive Composition will bring you advantages such as:

-Optimization of the documenting and communication process.

-Automatically fill previously created templates in Word with data and tables.

-Focus on your business operations, not on the technology, without programming and without software developers.

-Lower time-to-market for the editing of your business operations by decreasing the efforts of your IT department.

-Add unstructured texts in a document together with structured data from your databases, datawarehouses and applications.

-Open documents from Word that were stored in a database, document management system or the file system.

-Less of erroneously prepared documents and lower costs per document.

-Improved security of company information.

With Invantive Composition you will have a complete solution for the automatic generation of complex documents in Microsoft Word. Invantive Composition easily allows you to automatically retrieve and edit unstructured data from a database or application. By automatically filling precomposed templates with data, you will easily compose complex documents that meet the laws and regulations. This way Invantive Composition optimizes your information flow and yields you a cost reduction. By default, Invantive Composition is supplied along with Invantive Vision and Invantive Estate.