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The image displays the global working of Invantive Composition. The developer of the template develops the template and an accompanying model in Invantive Composition and saves it as a Word or Powerpoint file. This can be stored in Invantive Estate, Invantive Vision or a different Invantive Producer-based application. The developer of the template can also save the template on the file system, in a folder of the Invantive Web Service or in a Document Management System such as SharePoint or IBM ECM.

The user of the template subsequently opens the template and combines the template with data from the database. The final result is a Word or PowerPoint document with pre-filled data from the database. Overmore, Invantive Composition can, at once, enter the document properties properly by means of a case number or project code.

The user checks the document and, if needed, adds information. After that, the user can archive the document in a DMS or on a drive, for example as a Word or PowerPoint file or as an Adobe PDF file.

The functioning of Invantive Composition: model in template, data from databases