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With this button on the screen for preferences:


In this screen you can set the preferences for Invantive Composition and other Invantive Producer-based products.

Invantive Composition preferences filter

The meaning of the fields in the tab Filter is:

Your name

The name of the user within Invantive Producer.

Report date

Here you can enter the reporting date for which the information on the reports should be shown. This data is activated when checked

Invantive Control preferences language

The significance of the field in the Preferences tab:


This lists the languages that are available in Invantive Composition. The language shift is immediately processed after closing the screen.

Invantive Control preferences statistics

The meaning of the field in the tab Statistics is:

First login date

The time on which you logged in successfully for the first time.

Last login date

The time on which you login successfully for the last time.

Last failed login try

The time on which someone with your login code failed to login for the last time.

Number of Subsequent Failed Login Attempts

The number of subsequent login attempts that have failed.