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Invantive Vision

See the Visio flowchart bubs processes (CAPTERE IN HERE).

Step I5 / I6 / I7: Invoicing

It is possible in one effort to:

approve all hours;

completed processes to be invoiced;

all hours to be invoiced of invoiceable processes;

invoice all hours of projects;

all concept invoices to be approved.

To do so please follow the next steps:

Select the background script ‘Invoicing: process all parts’:

Request screen webfrontend Invoicing: process all parts

Enter the parameters as follows:

Screen webfronted parameters fill out from Invoicing: process all parts

Process the background process.

End result is:

Screen webfrontend job Invoicing: process all parts

In the screen Draft Invoice Lines you can view the results.

Step I8: Export

Subsequently the approved concept invoice lines can then be exported into an interface file for the ERP package used, such as for example, KING. To do so, follow these steps:

Run the background program ‘King: Extraction sales orders’.

Screen webfrontend background job King: Extraction sales orders

After the process has been executed (see picture), you can retrieve the output.

Screen webfrontend background job finished: King Extraction sales orders

The output is in XML format which can be imported into KING:

XML file with sales orders for KING