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Invantive Vision

Follow these steps to enter a new employee, so he or she can log inInvantive Vision:

Create a person in the screen Persons. Before you create a user, there must always be a person;

Create a user from the person in Users. Enter a username and password;

Select the roles of the person in Person Roles. Here you can indicate whether the person is a time writer, process owner or process reporter and the unit, working schedule and internal tariff.

Give the user the role for authorization User Roles. Indicate here which role the users have in terms of authorization Invantive Vision.


Follow the next steps if the new contributor will also write hours that are going to be billed:

If you use a separate unit for each employee, enter the new unit in Units.

Enter the sales price for the new unit in Price List Lines.

Enter in the screen Persons roles the desired unit.